Elizabeth City, lovingly known as the Harbor of Hospitality sits in Northeastern North Carolina
just one hour from Virginia & one hour from the Outer Banks. With a population of 18,000,
Elizabeth City is quaint, small, charming and full of love. Ranked as one of the ‘100 Best Small
Towns in America’ and one of the ‘Best Places to Live on the East Coast’ it didn’t take us long to
realize the potential of a beautiful space in the downtown area where people could gather.

2 Souls Wine Bar, a place to ‘linger a little longer’, was created with a mindful purpose that would
facilitate the growth of a budding community.

We love that Elizabeth City is a waterfront town that offers the serenity of water activities. From
boating, canoeing & fishing to long strolls on our many boardwalks. Our downtown is up and
coming with exciting new restaurants and pubs that are open and flourishing. There are sweet
coffee shops and boutiques on every corner and the best part is the warm embrace of a
community looking to work together to bring exciting change and growth to the people who live
here and to all that visit.

Love Nicole


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